Fine Art Newborn and Family Photography

About Me


The Basics:

I LOVE MY LIFE. I have a super supportive husband of 28 years, 2 beautiful daughters, and a baby grandson who keep me on my toes. My husband is my Superman.  I love pinning photos of home remodeling DIY, recipes I won't ever cook and crafts I will never make. I also enjoy loading up my online shopping cart and not buying a single thing.  I love to sew and crochet and make all of my newborn props. I am an organizer and neat nick.  I'm a sucker for stray animals….especially kittens!! I grew up playing outside in the creek and riding my horse all day, drinking from the water hose and running with scissors.  I thank God every day, for the blessings in my life.



I have been doing taxes for people professionally since 1998 and manage 25 retail tax locations. I manage a staff and train others how to help people with their taxes.  I have enjoyed every bit of this career over the years I have been on the road. I have plans of retiring form managing others and follow my passion of photography.

My Credentials:

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America. I started taking photos professionally in 2008. Mostly of my daughter who was in pageants, theatre and dancing.  I have won many national and state photogenic titles for headshots in the pageant industry.

I photographed my newborn  Niece in 2015 and completely fell in LOVE with newborn photography.  I am self taught and take the safety of each little newborn blessing very seriously. I spend countless hours learning how to capture those precious details all the while keeping them 100% safe in each pose, bucket and prop.

I love to meet new people, make children laugh, capture the beauty and innocence of new life and share my passion of photography with others. I strive to capture images that will help you remember those fun, happy, special, beautiful and precious moments in life.  I am blessed.

Thank you so much for stopping by my website and getting to know me a little better! I hope to meet you soon!

Continuing Education

There's much to learn about photography. Each persons vision and style is a unique expression of who they are. I take great pride in my work and who I choose to learn form. I have found my Mentor in Ana Brandt, she is an amazing photographer and person.


Baby Wrapping Bootcamp


Silhouette & Backlighting


Beyond the Basics





Belly Baby Perfection


Buckets & Bean Bags


Stand in Baby

When I say I take the safety of my baby's seriously...I mean it!! 

Our Studio has a special trining doll and her name is SIB. She was created espically for the photography and healthcare industry to aid in the training for saftely handeling newborns. 

Having her in the Studio allows us to practice and perfect our lighting, poses and transitions from one pose to another with out practicing on a real baby,  SIB also serves as a model for the newborn clothing and tieback stock I make for the studio.